Business Advice – Passion Counts

Just came from an interesting meeting with some people who were referred to us as they were wanting some “brutally honest” advice with regard to their options and opportunities. In short, they’d lost their passion for what they were doing and were starting to question a lot of things which were external to the issues they were facing.

A really lovely couple, they were at the cross-roads with what and where they were taking one of their business interests. We spent a fair bit of time having a dig around what their motivators and needs were – personally, not financially. We’ve found that where you can get some personal passion going, then other things will generally flow pretty smoothly. Anyway, after about 90 minutes of fairly frank discussions, they’ve gone away with their “tails in the air”.

Towards the end of our meeting, they discussed the fact that they had experienced some pretty ordiniary accounting and business advice over the years and the fact that they appreciated that what we were on about was them and their needs rather than what we could do for them.

At the end of the meeting, they were both really happy and satisfied with the outcome and said that it was great to have some “totally honest advice which is what we were really needing”.

As I’ve posted before, honesty is essential and the needs of the customer are paramount. By bringing both of these in to the discussion, the outccome is far more useful and practical. They also have a lot more buy-in. In short, they’ve got their passion back and I can see some really great things happening as a result of our meeting.

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