Can’t Help Myself – Bad Habits

Tell you what, it’s simply marvellous what can happen when you have time to think and act with a plan and strategy in place.

We’ve recently been privileged to work with some customers and have developed a range of strategies and detailed plans for them which have delivered absolutely exceptional results. It all comes down to having clarity about what you’re wanting to achieve, why you’re wanting to achieve it and then developing a pathway to take from where you are now to where you want to be.

It’s been liberating for these guys in that they have seen what can happen when it “all comes together”.

One of the dangers with this is that once the goal has been reached, people can fall back in to their bad, comfortable old habits. This is why the goal setting process needs to be “over the horizon”.  By having goals that are a “stretch” and take you beyond what you believe you can achieve, you’ll actually approach things from a different viewpoint – it will also help to minimise the chances of you falling in to bad old habits when you get somewhere along the path.

For this reason, it is vital that your goals are built around a serious, long term goal that delivers for you on your values and strategy – without having these to start with, the plan will be useless.  Having clarity about your values and strategy, longer term, will enable you to devise and implement plans that move you along your desired route.

So, when you get some way along your planned route and start achieving your goals, don’t fall back in to bad habits – it’s very easy to do.  It’s very comfortable.  It’s also very dangerous.

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