What do you Appreciate?

We’ve just had the privilege of doing some initial work with Jeremy Scrivens of The Emotional Economy at Work. Jeremy is currently (we believe) the only person in Australia who takes his customers through a process called Appreciative Inquiry.

Appreciative Inquiry is all about focussing not on what has gone wrong in the business or where your problems are, but more about working out what was going on when things went right. With a background in the “rational” analysis work including TQM, Six Sigma and the like, Jeremy has a deep understanding of the things that make business work really well. It’ not about process improvement and incremental cost reductions – it’s about creating an alignment of the business and your people such that goals and strengths are built on and focussed to provide exceptional results.

Jeremy has given us permission to link to his website and we encourage you to read his whitepapers which are available on that website.

From our perspective, the process of Appreciate Inquiry makes intuitive good sense.  Rather than the process being one of attrition of “bad things”, it is more about the celebration and encouragement (leadiong to systemisation) of “good things” that are done in the business.  By having the focus on when things were going at their best, people think about what was happening at that time and what made things go so well.  This then gets mapped and becomes part of the business – it’s replicated and works to give your people the environment in to which they can grow and excel.  This should be the ideal scenario for any business as it will deliver consistently superb results.

We encourage you to have a look at the website.

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    AI is an amazing tool! I have used it with clients since taking training last summer. It has literally transformed organizational cultures that were initially complacent and negative into energized forces of possibility!! I highly recommend this approach to individuals, teams and organizations looking for ways to ‘move into a new groove’!

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