How Intelligent are you?

We have recently had the opportunity of more fully understanding the impact of the thing called emotional intelligence.  This is a term which is bandied around quite widely and is taking up a fair bit of space in the various management books and journals out there (including Harvard Business Review).

Emotional intelligence relates to the understanding of the person you are dealing with along with the aspect of the issue that you are dealing with.  By being in tune with the person as well as the issue, you will find that you are able to achieve a far better outcome and one which your customer is more satisfied.

To use emotional inteligence, you need to appreciate that the capacity to listen and give consideration to the other person’s point of view is as critical as understanding the mattter at hand.  It comes in the form  of visual and non-visual cues and you need to be alive to not only what is being said but also how it is said.  In some forms, the delivery of a message can contradict the message being delivered!

To gain better insight in to people (including your family, colleagues, customers and suppliers) it is a very worthwhile investment to develop an understanding of emotional intelligence and the way it can positively impact on the relationships you have.

Being focussed purely on a result without taking in to account the person you are providing it to will see only half the job being done. 

And to do this sort of job just isn’t intelligent….

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