When is the right time?

I was having a think about things the other day regarding how people approach their businesses. This largely came about due to work we’re doing on our business in here.

The one thing that I realised is that a lot of people (yours truly included) get in to the habit of NOT doing things until it becomes either too late, ineffective or plain inexcusable.

The best way to demostrate this is by the exercise analogy. We all know that we should exercise because it is good for us and can have the result of reducing adverse health issues later in life. On a cold winter’s morning however, the attraction of exercising is diminshed because the warmth and cosiness of your bed are very appealing. The consequence is often that you will roll over, snuggle up and think how nice it is to be “in here” rather than “out there”. Now, you will get some form of comfort from doing this – rested and relaxed for the morning. BUT, each day you do this, you get less used to exercising. It gets easier to make the excuse and you will develop a habit of not doing exercise. In effect you will rationalise your exercise desire away.

There won’t be any great impact now, tomorrow or next week. There will be in many years to come. It’s an incremental thing.

Same with business. You will know things that need to be done in your business. You will appreciate that the things you need to do will more than likely give the business a “high pay-off”. You will also know that starting to do these things will be hard – it will be a process that takes you out of your established routine and may well require you to honestly and truthfully assess various aspects of your and your business’ performance. “Yep, I know I have to do it but I will put it off until tomorrow” – and so it goes.

What if you actually started doing it? What if you made (and kept) the commitment?

One of the real privileges we get in our work is to encourage and assist our customers in identifying the issues they need to address then help them through this often difficult process. The results are, by and large, astounding.

When it comes to exercise, it really is easy to roll over and snuggle in – it’s not going to have any impact until it is (possibly) too late. When it comes to business, it’s easy to rationalise things away – imagine, just imagine, that you decided that NOW is the time to start doing the things that matter?

Making a difference starts with making a change. The right time to do that would be????

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