How long does the stuff we put on the internet actually last?  Based on my very rudimentary checking, it would seem like it’s there forever.  Somewhere.

When I see things like facebook, twitter and social networking sites like these, I have a concern that people can post stuff which they then have the rest of their lives to regret.  It is an issue that we need to be aware of and we need to take care that what we post on the net is something that won’t come back later and cause us embarrassment or discomfort.

I suppose the issue is something that younger people need to consider carefully as they try to grapple with this new, hyper connected world.  All their friends are on various sites and can post all sorts of stuff on there.  In many cases, we poor parents will not know what they’re doing until it is too late.  Similarly, the schools would have an almost impossible job to control what can go on.  And, the ultimately unfortunate part is that no matter how hard you try, it will be highly unlikely that you can get through to the kids the import of “just silly” things that they may post.

Similarly, what happens when the current crop of 12-18 year olds finish their studies and go for jobs.  Most employers are now moving to the ubiquitous “google check” on potential employees.  All the stuff that they have posted over how many years is then available to potential employers to pore over and bring in to their consideration as to whether the kid is worthy of employment.  Now most employers will look at it and think (hopefully) – they were only 14.  Some may not.

I suppose it’s like tattoos – they look great when you’re young and trendy and are (currently, apparently) the essence of “cool”.  Trouble is that you’ll grow out of them.  Think of all those young girls who see themselves as very with-it at the moment with their arm and ankle tatts.  Bet they might think a bit differently when it comes to their wedding day…(that’s of course if they ever get married, or leave home….)

The posting of “stuff” on the internet needs to be treated with caution – it is there forever and I am not aware of any method available that will allow the “stuff” to be permanently removed once posted. 

Be careful what you and yours post – it is there forever.

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