Vive the Revolution!

I have just read a post by one of my favourite futurologists. In this post, he posits the thought that what is needed in the world at the moment is a “commonsense revolution” – in other words, a return to people using common sense, an acceptance of responsibility and recognition that not everyone is great at everything that they try to do.

This ties in neatly with the theories of appreciative enquiry, and the fight against diminishing returns that is part of the TQM, Six Sigma and other aspects of quality management. Recognising and accepting that we all have our particular strengths and weaknesses then playing to our strengths rather than trying to deal with our weaknesses will result in a far better outcome for everyone.

I love the comment that we need to start awarding kids at school prizes for first, second and third and accepting that someone will be last.

The political correctness issue is one which needs to be euthanased. It tries to make everyone the same. We should celebrate our differences and use those differences to make the world a better place.

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