Visioning – A Powerful Tool

I had the great fortune the other day of taking one of our really good fun customers through a visioning exercise for their business.  The business is already terrific but it has been needing a bit of a “gee up” to enable it to realise the potential that exists within it.

The process was very challenging and confronting for the Directors, but it delivered a result that was really exciting.

As part of the process, we questioned the Directors individually on where they thought the business could get to, what is required to get there and some other issues that need to be assessed (this is actually a lengthy process but highly focussed).  We then collated all their answers and took them through the exercise together.  It was great fun for all concerned but the amazing thing was that when they all got together and we facilitated the process, the goals they were shooting for became more clear and, not surprisingly, more ambitious.  The process allowed them all to actually see and think about what they COULD do rather than what they might do. 

We’re finalising the process with detailed plans and activities for achievement of the goals they have set early in the new year.  My prediction – they’ll shoot the lights out as the process has allowed them to see what’s possible and their whole thinking about the business and the opportunities that present themselves, analysis of issues and development of systems and resources is now focussed on achievement of the vision – a collective vision which they all share and have bought in to.

The end result for them will be an increase in net profit (after everything) of some $1m+ each per year.  A worthwhile exercise!  You just need the vision…

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