Don’t Get Mad – Get a System!

I had a great meeting with a terrific young customer of our business recently.

He’s set up a new business (about 18 months ago) and has grown really well since establishing his business.  He has, however, run in to one of the major issues with regard to a growing business – systemisation.

When he started out it was just him and one other bloke working on the stuff they do – very hands on  and he had his fingers in everything because he had to!  As the business has grown, he has had to pass on some of the tasks in the operation to other people (employees) to enable him to work in the areas he is best at.  The only issue is that he made a critical mistake in that he hasn’t explained to them what the “XYZ Way of Doing Things” is.

This means that different people are doing the same things in different ways – there is therefore no consistency in the method or approach.  We had a long chat with him about the need for him to, firstly, get clarity about what he wants the business to look like and how he wants things to be done.  Once he has clearly established these things, he then needs to share his vision with his people.  In this way, they will know the “XYZ Way of Doing Things” and it is a lot easier to then monitor and manage their processes.  We also suggested that he get posters made up explaining the “Way of..” and put them up in the relevant areas around his business.  This will ensure that everyone has immediate access to the information they need to do their job at the level that is required.

Once the system is fully developed, he will be able to train his people on the right way to do things – this will save a pile of time in re-working and ensure improved consistency of output. 

He was getting mad – now he’s getting a system.

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