Is it Cloudy?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the “revolution” that is cloud computing.  In short, this is a new method whereby you have a terminal which is connected to the internet and all your software, data, files and documents etc are stored “out there” – somewhere.

A number of my colleagues around the world are a huge fan of the felxibility and cost savings offered by the cloud options, however, I must admit that I am somewhat more sceptical.  You see, I like to be able to handle the box where all our data is stored.  I like to know that the software we use is owned by us and I like to be able to upgrade and bring new options in at my choosing.  The cloud offers none of this (I know I’ll get howled down on this one!)

Who knows where your data is?  Who knows who has access to it?  In which jurisdiction does your data reside?  What if your data is corrputed and you need to rebuild your entire data set?  In the latter example, I was talking to one of our IT guys the other day – he admits he is a bit scared by the cloud as rebuilds and the like will take forever.

My view is that the cloud needs to be approached with caution.  The security issues are a worry, the data ownership issues are a worry and the fact that you will never know where your data actually is causes me very deep concern.  Maybe I am just old fashioned and a bit of a luddite, but I still like to be able to look at my wonderful rack of computer gadgetery and know that all the things I need to run my business and help our customers are in that one spot.

Apparently every cloud has a silver lining – in this case, I’m not quite so sure….

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