So Just What is Going On?

There appears to be some significant change presenting through our communities globally.  The recent riots in the UK are a prime example.  Mind you, we’ve had similar things over here.

Having done a lot of reading in recent times about what has happened, it would seem that there has developed (at least in the Western world) a growing lack of respect for anything apart from the latest fad or trend. 

Where has this lack of respect come from?  In many cases, it would be fair to say that in the past number of decades, a culture of “protectionism” and “rightsism” has developed.  There are those in society who are very concerned with the rights of everything at the expense of the community generally.  This then feeds in to a situation where people feel they are owed things because they are victims.  There doesn’t seem to have been a matching focus on the obligations that match with the rights that people feel entitled to.

A community has rights too.  And the members of that community are (should be?) obligated to contribute to the community in which they live and work.  This obligation can extend to living honestly, paying your bills, bringing up your kids to respect themselves and the community and so on. 

Where the obligation is not matched with the rights people feel they are entitled to, there is a disconnect and a slow descent into anarchy.  The people in the community tend to live separate lives together.  Neighbourhoods can become areas where people don’t go at night or where no-one knows their immediate neighbours.  All based on fear.  Where we used to know our neighbours, the fear disappeared as you worked out there was nothing to fear.  This isn’t rose-coloured glasses stuff, it’s pretty much common sense.

Kids too are taught/inculcated through schools that they should not be disciplined.  They know that if they have a grievance with someone, there will be a government organisation who will happily get involved to “protect” the kid against their “nasty” parents.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty bloody awful people out there who are singularly lacking in parenting skills:

Witness the story I heard this morning – the mother of one of our customers was at the supermarket behind a family with 3 young kids.  They didn’t have enought money for their groceries, so this lady gave them the money they needed to buy food.  After they paid, they went straight to the bottle shop and bought a couple of boxes of alcoholic cider.  What sort of society are we creating when “parents” are so focussed on their grog at the expense of their kids?

Then again, their are parents out there trying their best.  They may discipline their child for something that they have done wrong (this is generally called learning) – the kids have been taught that they have rights and roll out the professional “do-gooders”.  This has a profound and irreversible effect on the family.  Where kids are able to be disciplined and taught respect, they will, in turn, teach it to their kids.  It’s what they know and how they live their lives.

Where kids are shown that they have “rights” but no obligations, the reverse happens.  They won’t be able to be as good parents as they can be as they’ve been set the wrong example.

For example, the Police used to be able to provide some disciplinee to young (typically) adolescents where they mucked up.  It ususally involved a decent kick up the proverbial and a warning not to do it again.  Most kids learned from this and also learned to respect the Police.  Now, if a copper does this, he is charged with assault and often times drummed out of the force.  And the kid thinks that they can get away with murder.  What are we really teaching our children by undertaking these actions?  Really?

I remember getting the “cuts” at school.  I deserved it.  They hurt.  But I learned a really good lesson.  The bloke that gave thejm to me explained what was goigbn to happen, why it was going to happen and that he would prefer not to carry out the punishment, but my actions warranted the punishment that ws to be meted out.  I think this sort of stuff needs to come back in to our society.  It needs to be re-embraced.

That doesn’t mean we give carte-blanche to all the perverted, sadistic sicko’s out there.  It just means that we re-focus on the thingss that are important in our community and society – respect yes, rights yes, obligations definitely.

Vitcimhood and rightsism need to be consigned to a dustbin of history as a failed experiment that actually undoes all that is good about our society and community.

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