This has Become a Joke

I have always tried to be apolitical on this blog, but the time has come when I must have a “vent” given the debacles that are surrounding our current federal government.

If you’re interested, you will be able to find many articles listing the disasters that have been overseen by the Labor Party and Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard since 2007.  It is not pretty reading and smacks of responses to situationss that are not considered, thought out or planned.  In short, there is very little in the form of long term strategy that I am able to discern.  Just this morning, it would appear that the Salvation Army has withdrawn their support for the proposed poker machine legislation!

To put it another way – if the Board of Directors of a company performed the way the federal government ministers have, it is more than likely they would be charged by ASIC with negligence!  You just need to look at the recent Centro decision to see what the obligations on Directors of companies are.  Using some of the obiter dicta from that case and extending it to our parliamentary “betters” and it’s not inconceivable that they fall to the same levels (or worse) that the Centro guys were charged and convicted for.

There needs to be a change.  The change needs to focus on longer term strategies and properly considered approaches to issues – not responses done “on the run”.  I’m not sure who is advising the government, but they may need to rethink their approach.

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