On Vulnerability

As we charge through life being all enthusiastic and focussed on goals, we often forget the liberation that can be had from being vulnerable.

People perceive vulnerability as a bad thing with connotations of not being “up to it” or being somewhat incapable.  I must admit to having a different perspective on it.

Allowing people (not everyone!) around you know that you’re vulnerable in certain circumstances has a couple of very positive outcomes:

  • it lets them see that you’re “human”;
  • they will identify with you more strongly as they will honour the trust you have placed in them;
  • it will establish a communication method that will be better than that which existed previously; and
  • you will both have a more open and effective relationship.

I have seen the benefits that vulnerability provides in relationships over the years.  There have been many occasions when customers of our business have come in to discuss issues and have made themselves vulnerable to us.  The response to their offering this has always been very positive and supportive – the outcomes we have helped them achieve through this process have in all cases been outstanding.

You can be vulnerable with your family, close friends and close work colleagues.  The combination of honesty and trust that comes from the admission of your vulnerablity is truly wonderful.

So, in amongst the mad rush through life and the focus on achievement, remember to be a bit vulnerable – you’ll be surprised at just how empowering it can be!

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