The End of Time – published article

This month’s edition of “Charter” magazine includes an article written by yours truly on the issue of getting rid of timesheets.  I expect a number of my colleagues around Australia will be tightening the bows and sharpening the arrows!

If you are interested, you can have a read here.

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  • Peter Debus


    Just read your article in Charter. We moved to the same model in the same year as you (using Ron Baker’s work as our model). It felt good reading your article to know that there are others who think like this (builds confidence).

    Your article will only grow the number of firms operating this way and improve the profession. Thank you.

    No timesheets, no WIP, no invoices, no debtors, no trips to the bank – its a wonderful world isn’t it – and an unexpected outcome from our move was that my postage and stationary costs fell as I was no longer sending so all those invoices and statements.

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