On Rudeness and Ignorance

A couple of weeks ago I was at a function and heard some interesting feedback from a great friend of mine regarding the behaviour of a couple of people there (admitedly – after I had left!)

The people concerned were “socially excited” and proceeded to belittle and laugh at my friend who was trying to be gracious and friendly to them.  They hung it on them about where they went to school, about where their kids went to school, about the house they lived in and even had a go at their “hotshot” father – who was dying of cancer!

I find this type of behaviour obnoxious and offensive and it serves as a very unflattering measure of the people “dishing it out”.  The people concerned are well known in the Ballarat community – given the fact that people tend to behave as they really are when they’ve had a few drinks, the insight obtained into their conceit and arrogance was illuminating! 

The fact that some people think they’re better than others and then proceed to belittle them is just objectionable.

By their rudeness, they show their ignorance.

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