On Feedback

I have recently been taking one of our customers through the Trimetrix Analysis process – it has involved the owners and senior staff in their organisation and came about due to some internal issues they were having.

The owners and senior people in the organisation undertook the Trimetrix Report and we have the debriefed them (individually) on the results.  We’ve also had a short session with the owners of the business to give them an initial “heads up” as to what it all means and some issues that they might want to address in the interim until such time as we undertake the full group debrief.

The feedback we have had so far is absolutely fantastic.  One of the owners of the business said to me “this is the most valuable thing I have ever done or will ever do in my business”.  One of his senior people sent me an email the other day which said (inter alia):

Hi Matthew,

 Hope you are well.

 Just letting you know that many good development things have started to happen after your consultation sessions. For example we’ll have a ‘field trip’ organised by XXX, we are encouraged to use brainstorming methods while designing new campaigns etc.


I also had a quick chat with one of the owners when they called through the office the other day – he commented on how much better things were running and how such simple things as we suggested could how such a profound impact.

The feedback is terrific but the best thing is that the people in the business are performing at a level which is more comfortable and enjoyable for them.  They’re more engaged with and in the business and are getting far more satisfaction from the things they are doing.

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