On the Best Question I have Heard for a Long Time

At the recent Verasage Institute ( Conference in Las Vegas, the following question was put to the group as a way of re-thinking your approach to whatever business you are in:

What would happen if Disney entered your industry?

Whilst the question is very simple, the thinking that it gets you doing is quite different to that which people normally adopt.

We have been posing this question to a number of our customers in their Advisory Board Meetings over the past month and we’ve had some terrific results starting to flow from it.  As one of our customers responded on being asked “We’d all dress as Minnie Mouse” – but about ten minutes later (after thinking for the whole time) he came back with:

“You know?  That’s the best question I’ve ever been asked.  I need to think about that from a whole heap of angles”.

So when you’re looking for a new approach to addressing issues within your business, or seeking ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors, try asking the question and see what sort of areas it moves you into.  London to a brick, it will be in completely different areas to those you’ve been used to.

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