On Raising Kids

Richard Watson has written a very thought-provoking piece on the issues that are arising in society with regard to the rearing of kids.

His post posits the thought that if we don’t let them muck around outside and get (gasp!) dirty, then we will see increased levels of allergies and the like.  I tend to agree with him – having kids sit in front of a computer or TV or some other electrically powered gizmo is not going to do much for their co-ordination, socialisation or developing interpersonal skills.  Mind you, it will help them develop their strategic skills and possibly spatial awareness.

I know only too well, the computer is a very good babysitter – it’s available 24 hours a day – it’s always there to amuse and entertain them but is it really the right thing for them?  I read some time ago about kids at school who were having to be taught how to do really “out there” things like climb trees.  This is sad but is a reflection of today’s society.

Have we become too protective?  Has the fact that the “bad stuff” that happens is now more widely publicised and as such, as parents we verge on the state of paranioa about our kids playing outside unsupervised?  Is the world really that much of a worse place than when we were growing up? 

I encourage you to have a read of Richard’s post here.

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