On loneliness when you have heaps of friends

Richard Watson writes some very thought-provoking blogs and one of his more recent posts is especially so.

He argues that whilst we are more connected and everyone has higher profiles (especially those heavily using social media), the incidence of real friendships and support mechanisms is dropping.  We can see this with higher levels of suicide, depressive illness and “problem” relationships that are being more widely reported.  People know about it but are they doing anything about it?

I see the focus on “being connected” as a real issue whereby we are spending so much time working and dealing with inconsequential things like Facebook and Twitter, we’re missing out on the true values that make us human.  There seems to be a huge focus on the part of our younger people to get as many friends and followers on the various outlets of social media whilst fogetting about the truly important friendships and relationships that sustain, support and develop us a human beings.  It amuses me that Facebook seems to be a place where people post pithy quotes about the value of life and friendships but remit these purely via the internet rather than over a coffee table or kitchen table with friends as unique individuals properly inter-relating.

So if you have lots of friends on Facebook, how many do you have in real life?  Or are you actually lonely?

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