On Human Resources

I have to admit that I HATE the phrase/title Human Resources. 

The focus should be on people, their talent, their development and maximising their satisfaction and enjoyment of the role they play in your organisation.  Where you achieve this, they will manage themselves and create the environment and culture that will enable them and your business to thrive.  They are not “resources” like a computer.  They are collection of talented, unique and wonderful individuals who seek to contribute and gain fulfillment from their contribution to the business and their team.

As to what we replace the awful phrase “Human Resources” with, I am unsure.  The language we use to describe the roles we play is an important component and influence in what we do as a consequence.  There are far more talented wordsmiths out there who can offer suggestions as to what we replace “HR” with.

All I know is that we need to change it.

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