This is Not for Everyone…

“Awesome, fantastic, really enjoyed it – we all got a lot out of it”.

How would it be if your senior accounts person had this to say about a process of focussing on your business for two days?

“I am pretty sceptical and I thought all this would be a bit of a wank, but it has been so good – I now know what we have to do and what my role is to help us get there”

Do your senior people say this?

We have just taken one of our customers through the Growth Curve Xray process.  I have rarely seen the level of engagement, commitment, honesty and openness that I witnessed whilst taking them through it.

Imagine if you will the impact of knowing exactly what you needed to do – strategically, operationally and personally, to get your business to where you want it to be?  Imagine then what would happen if your people were all aligned around you and committed to exactly the same things?  Imagine further what is going to happen when everyone in the business sees what happens as they implement the intiatives that were identified?

Last evening after finishing the process, a group of people left our conference room with an alignment, commitment and passion (yep, passion) to implement what they know they need to do.  It is so uplifting and positive and I know that they will succeed.

Now, imagine if you had a process that enables you to think with your team about your business?  A process that enables you to predict how to manage growth? A process that identifies and allows you (and the team) to understand the constrictions that are occurring in your business and how to deal with them?  A process that helps you identify where your, your senior people and the rest of your team’s key areas of focus need to be?  A process that allows you to tune in to what your business is telling you?


Only those businesses and leaders that want to grow, develop and communicate effectively will get any value from this.  If you are not open, frank and honest, don’t waste your or my time.

If, however, you are prepared to find and deal with the hidden agents that are holding your business back, let’s have a chat. 

After all, what’s the worst that can happen?  You keep doing what you’ve always done.


Following from posting this blog, I received the following from one of the team involved in the Growth Curve Xray:

Hi Helen & Matt,

I just wanted to get in touch & say the biggest thank you for the past 2 days.

I didn’t really have a clue what was going to be involved & to be honest I really didn’t expect to get that much out of it personally.

I was totally wrong & happily so. I have a new found enthusiasm for my job, I really didn’t realise that I was in such a rut. I am excited about working with Paul & the future of the company & having the knowledge that we are all very much involved in it’s success, is a fantastic & exciting challenge.

Your delivery of the Growth Curve system was great, you kept it interesting & held the attention of all involved. I found that everyone, including myself were eager to get across our points of view & you made everyone feel comfortable enough to do this honestly.

I strongly believe that you have made a huge difference to [our business] moving forward & on behalf of Paul, Marc, Chris & myself I want to say thank you so much!!


Received more feedback from the owner of the business on Friday afternoon – absolutely fantastic!

Thanks for your email, great to hear your feedback… 

I share your sentiment on the input of the guys. I think what had the greatest impact on me was the level of engagement and how much the staff have to offer. My thought process has shifted to a feeling of total optimism about the clear challenge ahead now that everyone is onboard to help out. As a business owner this fills me with a sense of pride and excitement. 

I have to say that you and Helen were crucial in engaging everyone throughout a pretty intense two days. I think the atmosphere was one that encouraged the total honesty you mentioned and I can’t thank you both enough for your level of enthusiasm and professional conduct. As Marc said these things can be seen in a negative way and have the potential to do more harm than good if not done properly, however I never doubted for a minute that with you guys at the helm we would get anything but the highest quality results.

Having said all of this I realise the work starts now 🙂  We look forward to getting started right away and tackling the top priorities. 

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