On Passion in Business

Passion.  It means a hell of a lot in life. It also means a hell of a lot in business. 

The people who have passion are generally more focussed and supportive of the people in their business and the people for whom they provide services are (again, generally) far happier as they get a more satisfying experience.

Last week, we did a Growth Curve X-ray for one of our customers.  As part of this process, we work with them to highlight their ‘why’. We first ask the team members what they believe the why of the business is.  We then ask the owner(s).

I was absolutely amazed when we asked the owner of this business about their “why”.  It all started off really well, then, as they continued, you could see them becoming more emotional.  As the words started to flow, our customer actually broke down as he detailed the real reason they were in the profession they were in and the decision they made to buy the business they owned.  It was really powerful stuff – so powerful that most of his team also started to get emotional and some started to cry with him.

From that moment on, I knew that we had created a fully engaged organisation.  There is now a commonality of purpose, but, deeper than that, an understanding about why they do what they do and the impact it has on the community in which they are operating.

It’s probably no surprise that this business is so far outside the benchmarks in its industry for performance, results and the other “important” metrics it is not funny.  It is probably also no surprise that also has an incredibly loyal team and exceptionally loyal customers.

But (and here’s the really good bit), when I spoke with the owner last Friday after they had completed the Growth Curve X-ray, he told me how the spirit and the buy-in from his crew had increased incredibly over the Growth Curve process – there was an improved mindset and they were starting to use a new language in the business – a language that they all understood and that “meant” something to all of them.  He said there had already been some small but highly significant changes in the business that were indicators of renewed energy, enthusiasm and engagement.

That’s when I got a bit emotional.  My passion is helping people be the best they can be and working with them to assist them all work better together.  I love it when it all comes together!

It does mean a hell of a lot this passion thing.  In business but especially in life.

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