On Candy Crush and Team Management

Candy Crush


So, with my daughter having loaded Candy Crush onto my iPad, I thought I would have a shot at it as lots of people inform me over Facebook as to the levels they have achieved on this app.

As I slowly progressed through the levels, it dawned on me that, to actually get good at this game, you need to have your candy things working together to give you more power.  This (for the uninitiated) invovles moving them and developing strategies to enable them to be grouped which then allows them to possess more power.

The truly amazing thing then happens when you group “consolidated” pieces together.  They feed off and appear to multiply each other’s power to create very significant results.

To my mind, the playing of this silly, mind-numbing, game resembles some aspects of team management – it’s getting them close enough together to then enable that group to create power and then bringing them together with another powerful group.  In effect – together they achieve far more than they can as individuals.

When you look at your people, do you adopt the Candy Crush management style?  Do you focus on gathering them together and then aligning the groups?  The power that is created in a small application on an iPad can teach us a lot about the power that can be unleashed when we use the same strategies with our team.

Based on Candy Crush School of Management Theory, what level are you on in your business?

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