On True Effectiveness in Culture Development


You may recall my recent post on the outcomes from a recent Stages of Growth Xray we were privileged to work through with one of our customers.

I have just come from a meeting with the owner of the business and the feedback he provided is exceptional!

He and a number of his crew were having a “Growth Circle” meeting in a tea-room they share with another business and the Manager of that business was sitting at the other end of the room.  She overheard the coversation and was absolutely fascinated by the depth, passion and enthusiasm with which all present were discussing the way forward on the particular initiative they were working on.

As a consequence, she asked our customer “how do you do that” with regard to getting the team so aligned, open, frank and honest in their discussions with him as the owner?  She couldn’t get over the fact that they all seemed to be treating the business as their own.

This is the truly remarkable thing that flows from the Stages of Growth process – the alignment, enthusiasm and engagement of everyone in the business reaches heights that most business owners don’t believe is possible.  Mind you, this was already a very good business – it’s just taken massive steps to be exceptional.

We love discussing how we work with customers to deliver the massive opportunities that exist for businesses who are looking to make a tangible and sustained difference to their business – it truly is transformational.

If you don’t believe me, I can put you in touch with some very happy and satisfied business owners who can tell you the story from their perspective.

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