OMFG! This is Going to be Huge…

enormousWe’ve just started working with a customer who has a product which looks like it is going to change an industry.  You don’t get them very often!

Put it this way – you know how Apple approached things differently because “it’s the design stupid”? 

Well, this product is very similar. 


  • is niche (good);
  • offers things the competing products in its niche don’t (good);
  • provides massively increased safety and protection for users over what is currently available (really, really good); and
  • is easier to use, more adaptable and at a better price point than its current competitors (really good too).

There is only one, final, regulatory step to go to get it ready for launch, and, given the feedback we have received from those “in the know” who have tested it, it will fundamentally alter the industry it is entering. 

If you’d like to know more, send me an email.  It’s very, very exciting!

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