On The Feedback We Love

happyOK, so we all like to think we do a pretty good job doing what we do.

We work away at delivering the “why” of our businesses to the customers with whom we work.  It can sometimes be challenging to know how we’re going and how we’re being perceived as we tend to get too focussed on the matter(s) at hand and forget to look at the big picture.

What a wonderful thing it was this afternoon when I received the following email from the Business Manager of one of our customers:

Hi Matt,

 Just thought I would take this opportunity to say how happy and pleased I am (as is the firm) to have the support of the fabulous team at MTA Optima.

I’m sure you already know, but I’d like to say what a great group of people you have on staff.

 Corey, Daina and Jane have been superb to work with;  nothing is ever too much trouble and I am completely at ease in dealing with them.

 So you know, Jane is taking care of payroll for me whilst I am on leave;  this is a huge benefit not to mention relief for me.

 In the past it would have been necessary to  prepare in advance multiple weeks of payroll which is quite a task.

I can go on leave with absolute confidence that Jane has it all  under control.

 Most importantly, it also ensures that [we] have a backup plan for payroll and are no longer exposed in this area.

 Many thanks and kind regards,

This sort of stuff inspires me and the team to push for even greater things and see how much further we can go in delivering our “why”.

I am very proud of our crew and what they do for our customers – they really do care about what is going on and try to work out ways to remove the headaches, reduce the risk and provide real value to the people with whom we work.

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