On Hard & Soft Dollars

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Always love having a chat with Russ Wylie.

He was talking to me about some feedback he had recently received from one of his clients in the USA about the utility and value of the Trimetrix Reports that we do.  According to his client, he values Trimetrix, the information contained and the debriefing provided for his business because:

It adds hard and soft dollars to my business

The Return on Investment from undertaking the process is massive – and offers significant upside for any business.

Having seen the impact Trimetrix can have on a range of organisations we have been using it with for many years, I must agree and this is the best way I have heard of describing the value that it does add.

The hard dollars come from the increased productivity and skills utilisation by the people who have undertaken the Trimetrix (skills which can often be the ones they don’t know they’ve got!) – they become far more effective in the roles they play.

The soft dollars come from them being aware of their (and others’) behavioural approaches.  This makes them better team members, leaders, colleagues and (dare I say it) friends.  This translates into less friction in the workplace and creates a far happier and more cohesive enviroment for everyone.

Given the multi-science approach and validation of the science behind the process, I understand exactly why it works as well as it does.  I have seen it make some incredibly positive changes across a range of businesses and industries.  For the life of me, I don’t get why more businesses don’t use it. 

If you would lilke to have a chat about how Trimetrix can make a difference in your business, let me know!

The hard and soft dollars are there for you and your organisation to collect when you do.

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