On Too Much Bureaucracy

Quiet evening last night.  Nothing on the TV (apart from the random voyeurism of “The Bachelor” which I refuse to watch) so decided to have a meander through some TED Talks on the interweb.

In this process, I stumbled across one of the best talks I have ever watched.  It caused me to think aIMG_1998nd start addressing more thoroughly the need for businesses to establish systems and procedures to impose “control” as they grow and the perverse outcomes that come from this – namely they become less effective at what they do because they start being “slaves to the machine”.  In effect, logical and rational thinking (let alone inspirational thinking) gets thrown out in service to some management tool that pays lip-service to a wonderful goal, but then designs processes to ensure that the things that need to happen can’t.

The presentation is by Yves Morieux who is a Director of Boston Consulting Group.  He makes some very simple yet very telling points.  Yves has also presented this year at TED and develops his arguments about co-operation and the fact that the focus on compliance kills effectiveness.

I ask you – do you have an organisation that fosters co-operation or one that is a slave to compliance?

Spend a quiet 12 minutes with Yves – you will gain a lot from it.

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