AirBnB – BnB Careful

A couple of weeks ago, we were doing some thinking work with one of our customers regarding the accommodation landscape

The Results are Immediate and Very Effective

Absolutely love getting a testimonial from a customer that finishes with the phrase: “I would highly recommend it to any

2017 – Returning to School?

    Welcome to another new year!  In 2017, are you returning to school? Over the coming weeks, many apprentice

On the Cost of Replacing Staff – and how you can avoid it!

What, really, is the cost of replacing staff in your business? In many businesses, the major issues impacting the “health”

On ATO Scams – Please be Careful

Received a phone call this morning purportedly from the ATO – this is unusual as the ATO doesn’t call at

On US Election Results – Interest Rates and Taxes

So, the US election results are in.  How will this impact our domestic interest rates and taxes? The Republicans (Trump)

On Cashflow Management – and a hint!

Cashflow management is a critical issue for many business owners. Typically, your cashflow comes under strain in the following circumstances

On Investing in People

The most astute business owners understand the power of investing in people. The other week, we received some very satisfying

On Capital Gains Tax- the dates matter!

Did you know that the date on which you sign a contract (not when you pay for what you’ve bought)

On Development and Glasses – Communication Matters!

Do you ever feel like you know you have potential to be better – particularly with your communication?  Are you

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