On Addition by Subtraction

Speaking with one of my crew recently and he made the very sage comment with regard to a strategic issue


On Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is familiar to most of us over 25 years of age who have been in and around business.

On Recruiters – an Ethically Bankrupt Business Model?

Each week brings new challenges and, occasionally, provides illumination into a world where you wonder where a business model actually

On Culture (again)

Organisational culture is a nebulous thing. In many discussions over the years with customers, colleagues and others, the issue of what

On 2016 and the year that was

And so it all begins again. The past year has been an “interesting” one on a number of fronts and

On Meetings

Ahhhh meetings.  Don’t we love them? There have been books written about them. There have been innumerable seminars on”how to

On Too Much Bureaucracy

Quiet evening last night.  Nothing on the TV (apart from the random voyeurism of “The Bachelor” which I refuse to


Meet the modern carpenters

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On Dead Elephants & Communication

“You’ve got a gift” – so said one of my guys after a fantastic meeting with one of our customers. Don’t

On “Call THAT a Profit Increase?”

The purpose of a business is to make a profit – so have uttered many business sages over the years.

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