Welcome to MTA Accounting

Come 1 July 2016 mta optima as we know it will be undertaking a rebrand of both name and logo. From

On Budgets, Cashflow and Your Business

Budgets, don’t we love them? The federal government has just delivered its budget for the country – the feedback on which

On Superannuation in the 2016 Budget

Superannuation and government – a recipe for disaster! Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered the Federal Budget on Tuesday night.  After many

On the 2016 Budget – Super or not?

So we have a new Budget delivered tonight. What does it all mean?  High points as we see them: increase

On Analysis, Happiness and Satisfaction

“I get the figures, but I’m just not that happy” – so said the Engineer customer to me recently when

On Belief and Innovation

You can’t I was fortunate to receive Tim Williams latest article “Powered by Beliefs” in his Ignition Group Newsletter.  Tim

On Addition by Subtraction

Speaking with one of my crew recently and he made the very sage comment with regard to a strategic issue

On Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is familiar to most of us over 25 years of age who have been in and around business.

On Recruiters – an Ethically Bankrupt Business Model?

Each week brings new challenges and, occasionally, provides illumination into a world where you wonder where a business model actually

On Culture (again)

Organisational culture is a nebulous thing. In many discussions over the years with customers, colleagues and others, the issue of what

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