On 2016 and the year that was

And so it all begins again. The past year has been an “interesting” one on a number of fronts and

On Meetings

Ahhhh meetings.  Don’t we love them? There have been books written about them. There have been innumerable seminars on”how to

On Too Much Bureaucracy

Quiet evening last night.  Nothing on the TV (apart from the random voyeurism of “The Bachelor” which I refuse to


Meet the modern carpenters

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On Dead Elephants & Communication

“You’ve got a gift” – so said one of my guys after a fantastic meeting with one of our customers. Don’t

On “Call THAT a Profit Increase?”

The purpose of a business is to make a profit – so have uttered many business sages over the years.

On Tax Scams – Beware but Take Note!

Today, we had one of our clients phoned by a “representative” of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) concerning “fraudulent activity”

On Measuring the Real Stuff

I recently posted on the Verasage website about measurement and why it can be a bit of a poisoned chalice.

On Dying and Boxes

Everyone I know dreads annual staff appraisals – management and (especially) staff. We’re just going through the process at the

On Business Growth & Chaos

It’s funny – most businesses feel like they are operating in an environment where chaos reigns. The sad thing is,

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