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Welcome to MTA Accounting

Come 1 July 2016 mta optima as we know it will be undertaking a rebrand of both name and logo. From 1 July we will be known as MTA Accounting, with exciting new branding and stationery to be rolled out.

So why the change?
Earlier this year we undertook an exercise where we reviewed the message we were trying to deliver to not only our existing customer base but also to the broader market. We identified that our industry along with many of our customers’ industries were experiencing disruption due to technology, increased competition, changing legislation and the simple ease of doing business with foreign markets that was once considered impossible. In other words this big world we live in is not that big anymore!

To keep pace with this disruption and for us to deliver on our strategic goals, we realised that we need to change our brand and the way we communicate so we can deliver our message more effectively to our target market. We came to the realisation that what was once our target market has changed somewhat and that the message that mta optima wanted to deliver was getting lost and potentially confusing to our targeted customers.

The new MTA
For these reasons, MTA Accounting was born. Under MTA Accounting  our core services will be Accounting/Taxation, Advisory and IT. We acknowledge that Accounting and Taxation is our core, traditional business but there are also elements of what we do that beautifully complement Advisory and IT services. To remain progressive (along with our customers) we need to be insightful and transformational, enabling all of us to flourish.

From 1 July you will note that all our stationery will change over to MTA Accounting. Our new website is already live and (our various social media platforms are also being transformed). Our communication style will be more deliberate and written in a way that complements our customers and their needs. We will continue to look for new and improved ways of doing business with our customers but we will never move away from our traditional face-to-face interaction.

In the coming months we will make an exciting announcement about another brand that will come online to not only complement MTA Accounting but move further into a space of disruption where feeling a tad uncomfortable will be the “new normal”.

We welcome you on the journey with us.