Case Study 1

Client Name: Ruth Bollard

Company: Specialists on Drummond Trust

Type of business: Medical services Entity

What situation made the client reach out to you? Or why was the client referred to you?

Wanting to buy an investment property to fund potential business and business premises for a future secure income stream – to enable early retirement.

What trouble or pain was the client/client’s organisation dealing with?

Understanding set up, structure, tax implications, did funding suit, could the client afford it?  Other professional services required, lawyer, financial planner and lenders who were on the ball with complex arrangements including SMSF borrowing.

How did the client feel about the situation?

This was both a big step financially, and emotionally. The client was overwhelmed, out of depth, and questioning what was the right thing to do? Needed sound advice and options that suited her personal plan and goals for the future, from someone she could trust and know her personal situation and finances well.

How did you begin working for the client?

Devised a plan, laid out the options and how each of them worked.  Ensure it was communicated in a ways he would clearly understand.  It was a big step and a big investment, things were taken very slowly.

What assessment and/or tools were used to provide solutions?

No tolls as such, just tax research, use of lawyers and banks, lots of face to face meetings to keep the communication lines open.

What was the client’s initial reaction to the early results?

Confusion due to the options available, but liked to see all the options laid out clearly.  We chose the most appropriate option together.

How did the use of our firm help this client’s business improve operationally and/or financially?

It meant she had a trusted advisor, she had confidence in us, and it then became a shared confidence, as she understood everything she was doing and why.

What kinds of comments or anecdotes from the client’s perspective can you share from the overall experience?

The client is still experiencing everyday business issues b/c its new to her.  But with us as per partner in the journey, we are only a phone call away. Her experience and knowledge is growing and so is her business.

Where is the company today because of mta? Where would they be without us?

The client is confidently in business.  Confident about a secure future.  The plan is working and you can see it all laid out for her.

What’s next for this client in the turnaround process?

Regular guided business advice, around her areas of concern or pain at the time.  Consistently looking at future things for her.

Will coaching services continue to be used? If not why?

Yes, we are a part of her business and her team?